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weFix Singapore provides you with best flooring service in Singapore. We are professional in our field to do different types of Flooring for your home or building. We do DECKING, PARQUET, Wooden Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Laminated Flooring, and Tiles Flooring.


You are welcome to get your own preferred materials and we will be happy to do the floor installation for you. We can also provide you with service to select the best type of flooring depending on your design, the one that matches perfectly to your overall design and functionality.

Love catching the sunrise or sunset from your balcony? weFix Singapore Flooring will help you to choose and install the perfect material based on your budget and design for your outdoor resting area so you can enjoy the beautiful view with your family and friends.

Types of deck flooring:

  • Timber Decking: Wood material commonly used to build outdoor decks and patios. It will give a more natural wooden structure that comes with natural resistance to mold and moisture for stronger and more durable decks.
  • Wood and Plastic Composite Decking: It is a man-made material that includes a mixture of wood and plastic to create a look of exotic hardwoods. It is very durable, low maintenance, and much longer lifespan than timber deck.
  • Tile Decking: If you prefer to have an easy installation flooring for your deck , you can opt for tile or stone decking. Most varieties of tile decking is simply snap together. This type of decking is also easy to replace.

weFix Singapore also provides service to do parquet flooring in which we will lay the flooring materials based on its repeating pattern. Each wooden pieces are formed into tiles that will form beautiful pattern across the entire floor. The design pattern of parquet floor must compliment the overall design of the wall, the entire room, and the furnitures to create a decent aesthetic appeal in your room.

Parquet flooring is durable, easy to clean, and very cost efficient.

The most common type of flooring technique in Singapore adopted by many homes and office nowadays is laminate flooring because of its cost efficient and cheaper than hardwood, carpet, vinyl, and tile. It is also easy and does not take too long to install.

There are many variety of materials that can have the same look as marble, stone, and the most common one is wood. You do not have to worry about taking a special care of laminate floor. You can just easily sweep and mop the floor as usual.


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