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weFix Singapore offers wooden floor furniture restorations repairs. Frustrated over the badly damage and full of scratches wooden floor? Have a piece of wooden furniture that belonged to your great grandma and it has so many histories that you want to restore?
WeFix Singapore team works together with THE MASTER in wooden restoration and fixing to bring back each piece of art work to its former glory.
Restorations of antique furnitures are serious and tedious work. Each restoration work is a master work of art and we will treat the damage areas carefully, but keeping the original finish intact as much as possible.


Do you have badly damaged parquet or wooden floor with ugly scratches? Lacquer surface worn away? Or scratches from the ironing board? Regardless if your flooring or furniture is indoors or outdoors, wear and tear form rain and shine, people traffic and daily life, shall always set in. For outdoor pond decking, weFix Sg refreshes that part which has gone moldy to looking original. Contact us NOW and get FREE QUOTATION. Wefix Singapore’s team works with our master in wood restoration to get your floor as good as new again.

We will restore your wooden floor to remain the most impressive feature of your home.

Do you have beloved wooden furniture that is full of scratches? You may have antique wooden furniture that has been sitting quietly witnessing the story of your life and no one dares to sit on it because its leg broken? Contact us NOW and get FREE QUOTATION WITH NO OBLIGATION what soever. WeFix Singapore team will work with THE MASTER in wooden restoration to get your wooden work of art back to its former glory.

Our works include:

  • Wooden Furniture Restorations
  • Furniture Repairs or Fixing
  • Re-work The Finishes – You may have precious wooden furniture which you do not like the colour or the finish style. Perhaps the colour is too dark or too faint.

Leave it to us to give your old wooden furniture a brand new look and shiny again! Contact us NOW!

For wooden flooring installation service, check out our service: weFix Singapore Flooring

For immediate service, call us at 67496032 or our 24/7 Handyman Emergency Service at 91882350

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