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Anti-slip Treatment

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Our FixSlip anti-slip solution is an affordable, effective anti-slip floor treatment to avoid slipping accidents at home and in the workplace. It can be applied to different surfaces easily and is 100% non-toxic, safe for you and your family. Made in Taiwan. 1 year warranty guaranteed.


$19.90* only

Product of Singapore
1 year warranty
SGS tested

*per sq.meter
$99 minimum per job, approx 5 sqm coverage (Original price at $149)
Price includes treatment consultation, solution and labour.
1 year warranty. Free re-application during warranty.
Price excludes prevailing GST.

Glass Restoration

Scratches on your glass sliding door?

Damage on your glass surfaces that looks so unsightly to your otherwise perfect windows or glass doors?

Thinking of replacing your damage glass but tight on budget and time?

Fret no more!

Our glass scratch repair and glass polishing service is your solution. We can come to your site to work on any size of glass as long as the scratch is reachable to restore the glass back to brand NEW look. We are trained in scratch repair and glass polishing and we’ll give you our full glass restoration services. We only repair scratches on glass surface. We do not repair broken glasses.

Save your glass and save on replacement costs associated with buying a new one and contracting for its installation!

No job too big or too small for us.


Tile Restorations

FixTile - Tile Restoration
Bothered by the white formation on the gout of your tiles?
This formation is called efflorescence, which happens due to the reaction of water on the surface. They are actually mineral salts from the inside of your tile migrating to the surface of your tiles. It is often hard to clean and it comes back again after cleaning.

Introducing FIXTile efflorescence remover.

What makes FIXTile treatment so special?

  • No discoloration: Does not etch or ‘burn’ the tile surface
  • Effective: Unique formulation that effectively removes the white residue
  • Waterproofing: Treatment seals and deep penetrates the tiles
  • Easy maintenance: Makes cleaning easier after treatment.
  • Affordable: Minimal hassle and cost effective compared to hacking
  • No mildew! No mold after treatment.

How does it work?

Step 1:
Apply our unique formulation then wash thoroughly and check missed out spots
Step 2:
Dry with cloth and wait for wall to dry
Step 3:
Apply our waterproofing deep penetration sealer
Wait 15 minutes and wipe with dry cloth
Do not wash the wall or step onto the treated area for 24 hours curing

Let our team get rid of it for you. Click the button for more information on our Tile restoration service.


Window Heat Shield

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Our window heat shield custom window treatments is a clear and transparent nano-technology paint. It effectively keeps the heat out for hot countries, and warmth in for cold climates. It comes in two models – Ezzoshield PRO and Ezzoshield ADV. Ezzoshield PRO keeps the sun heat out of your living space Ezzoshield ADV keeps you warm in winter.



We are threatened by various invisible harmful substances on a daily basis. We surrounded by various risks including air pollution from exhaust gas, sick house syndrome caused by building materials, fungi and bacteria that can be harmful to humans, as well as pathogens and viruses that are spread through the air. In addition, dirt, mold and rain stains on building exteriors, yellowish color of interior wall surfaces, and various odours from tobacco, food garbage, animals, mold, bathrooms, and new building materials.

Protecc makes it possible to achieve everyone’s desire to protect their health and maintain the beauty and cleanliness of buildings and living environments. Through photocatalyst technology, Protecc continuously dissolves various pollutants, odours, and harmful materials, making them harmless resulting to a more comfortable environment.




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