Tips on how to remove tough stains

Tips on how to remove tough stains

Grime, Dirt, Grease

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Over time, wear and tear, grime, grease from cooking and dirt accumulate. Sometimes we come across tough stains and no matter seemingly we try to clean it, it doesn’t go away? These photos are some examples of you may come across. As a one-stop solutions provider, we too have our share of cleaning and stain removal problems. To start off is this common stain may be found on floor tiles in your shower stall or kitchen or toilet.

Question here is, what do professionals use to clean and remove such stains? In Singapore, cleaning companies have to use NEA approved cleaning solutions which may have its limitations.

How about for homemakers?

How do we clean away dark stains such as in these photos?

You will have to in a way understand the nature of the stains. Is it accumulated dirt from holes in an antislip matt, or maybe it is the tile surface material or it could be rust marks from a clothes hanger or accumulated grime from rain water that wasn’t washed away. I guess this is where the hard part is.

Using JIF or similar product on the wrong mark or stain, may not help and can actually make it harder to remove. Consider always to start with the softest solution, which obviously you would have done, hence I won’t bother to review the use of soap powder.

Regardless of which level of harshness, always do consider wearing good rubber gloves and other personal protection.

1. Level 1 harshness: Use Soda Bicarbonate (make into a paste with the possibility of adding some bleach) and soak the area.

There is a lot of internet write-ups which suggest the use of vinegar and soda bicarbonate. A consideration you should think about is that, Vinegar is acidic (with pH of 2) and Soda Bicarbonate is alkaline (with pH of 9). It kinda cancels each other out.

2. Level 2: Have you tried Oven cleaners ? Or another similar household material is Washing Soda (you can use it for your clothes). Typically these contains This is maybe hard to find in Singapore from Fairprice. But perhaps it is sold somewhere on the shelves from the hardware store.

There is also Level 3 and Level 4 of cleaning harshness which specialised cleaning companies use. That is something homeowners should not go into without some experience.
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Well.. we will be back to give you more tips on how we do our cleaning. If you like our post, please share it. You’ll never know who can benefit from this post. Cheers!

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