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Work at height erection and installation services

Work at height is often needed for building maintenance and installation work at a high level. In Singapore, weFix team is licensed to provide various work at height services.  Our team is trained , certified and has the necessary experience to complete your work safely.

Our experience and job scope

  1. Scaffolding installation and high level erection with certification (as needed up to 4 stories high)
  2. Galmon work at height machinery such as scissor lifts and boo lifts.
  3. Spiderman work

We have worked with various commercial and condominium MCST management in the past. Our project portfolio includes malls such as Jurong Point Mall and condominiums such as Trilight, Bishan Loft, Changi Court, Seasons View, Bizlink Centre, Ubi Tech Park, Eastern Lagoon and many more.

Works at height have to be done by people that are trained, certified, and competent with enough knowledge, skill, and experience. This is important to avoid accident such as falling from high ground that can cause personal injury and even death. You should not attempt to do work at height without proper safety equipment and without proper training.

Scaffolding Works

Are you having problems looking for certified and fully trained scaffolding workers? We are experienced in designing, erecting, and dismantling a proper scaffold for up to 3 to 4 stories high. 

weFix provides safe, simple and effective scaffold and work at height services including full design service, along with a highly skilled workforce for full service solutions. We tailor to your specific requirements, delivering scaffolding to your construction or maintenance program whether a residential, commercial, industrial, institutional or governmental project.

work at height scaffolding weBuild service

Spiderman and Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)

Do you have works that require Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)? Perhaps an even higher work location that is not reachable by MEWPs and you need rope access services? Our spidermen are competent and trained in the IRATA syllabus for Work at Height courses in accordance to the MOM’s WAH Code of Practice. We are also certified by Galmon to operate their personal lift, scissor lift, boomlift, and gondola system. We equip our team with proper equipment that is regularly checked and inspected to ensure the safety and efficiency of our spidermen.

We offer materials-only hire service and also offer labour-only service to install your own WAH equipment.

Our past project for Work at Heights includes National Gallery of Singapore, Memories of Old Ford Factory, the IRAS building, The Star Vista, and many more challenging buildings with very high floors.

Contact us to discuss how we can create the right solution for all your work at height needs. You are welcome to visit our office for further information about all our Work At Height services.

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